If winter weather wouldn't keep you from the zoo, then this is the time to head to Roger Williams Park Zoo in Providence.

The zoo's Winter Wonder Days are officially back for the 2020 season and that means you can enjoy everything at the zoo for half the price.

Yep, now through February 29th zoo admission is half the price.

Of course heading to the zoo in the winter months does mean certain things are not open.

The Big Backyard for example clearly doesn't turn the water features on in the winter and many of the outdoor toys and games for kids to get into have been packed away.

Also in the Farmyard, the farmers market type area is basically closed down. None of the fruits and vegetables kids can bury, dig up and pretend to buy are out and the petting zoo area with the goats and sheep doesn't happen either.

You also have to skip the snake den house in the winter (which I never mind at all) and other animals, like the camel, aren't always out and about in the cold.

Still there is plenty to see and do.

And with the new Rainforest building, there's now also a really nice place to get out of the cold and warm up during your visit without having to hit up the gift shop.

It is so warm and cozy in there and with the animals all running around it makes a great mid-visit stop for everyone during the winter.

Of course the weather may be on your side for the Winter Wonder Days.

This Saturday is expected to be near 60 degrees, so a warm up may not even be necessary.

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