Lots of snow is on it's way to the Southcoast, so while you can still get out and get prepared, here are some things you may want to get.


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    Fill Up Your Tank

    There are probably lots of lines at the pump, but waiting before the snow hits is worth it. If power goes out at the gas stations, you may not be able to get gas after the storm. Of course you'll want to stay off the roads as much as possible while the storm is at it's worst, but make sure you are ready to get out of the house and get going when the roadways have cleared by filling up now.

    Also having gas in your tank can prevent it from freezing in extreme cold, frozen gas in your fuel line can mean big problems if you leave too little in the tank.

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    Be Ready To Stay Warm

    If you haven't updated windows and stuff, a quick insulation trick can be to cover the inside of your windows with plastic wrap. This will help keep more heat in your home, especially if power goes out and the heat goes off.

    Also make sure you know where all the extra blankets are to bundle up if necessary and keep hats and gloves close by to add extra layers indoors if you need too.

    If power goes out and temperatures drop you may want to leave the water running in your home, moving water (even just a trickle) will help prevent pipes from freezing.

  • Roel Smart

    Charge Everything Up

    Again, some storms cause power outages so be ready for this event. Power your phones, computers, tablets, ipods, etc. Things you may want to keep you on top of the storm, keep you entertained and most importantly keep you connected.

    Don't waste all of your phones battery life on Facebook however, make sure you can call for help if you need it and save enough battery power for the duration of the snow.

  • Eric Isselée

    Keep Your Pets Safe

    As you stock up on bread and milk for you and the kids, make sure you also stock up on food for your pets. This is also the type of weather when you need to bring those beloved animals indoors with you.

    If you have other livestock on your property, make sure they get to a location where they will have access to non-frozen drinking water. If you can't get out to them for a day or so, they'll need to have a way to stay hydrated as well as warm.

  • Design Pics

    Battery Up!

    Running errands for food and gas? Add some batteries to the mix too. Know what your flashlight, radio, etc need and get extras so you can keep these things running for as long as you'll need them in the storm.

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    Proper Food and Water

    Yes, a snow day can be fun and having snacks to enjoy it with may be top of mind, but make sure you have supplies that can help you last a few days indoors as well as supplies that will be of use to you if power does go out.

    A 3-day supply of non-perishable food items (like bread and peanut butter) as well as a 3-day supply of water (roughly a gallon per person in the home per day) is a good idea to stock up on now.

  • Philip Lange

    Hit The Bank

    Your debit and credit cards may be working today to help you stock up on food and water, but after the storm card machines, ATM machines and other such things may be down due to satellite or power outages.

    While you are out and about, try to get your hands on some cash to have with you. If you need to get out and get more supplies after the storm, you want to make sure you have means to pay for what you need.

  • stuartmiles99

    Know Where To Go

    If you lose power and the heat goes off, know where you can go to warm up. Especially if there are little ones or elderly people in your home.

    Know the closet designated shelter for your area, write down the number and address, maybe even map out a driving plan before hand so you don't have to worry if trouble hits. Prep your plan so you can keep calm and get where you need to go.