There's a healthy dose of sibling rivalry in just about everything we do as a family. My sister and I fight and scrap to get a leg up on the other.

On Mother's Day, we boast and brag if our gift can get my mom choked up. Father's Day, though, has always been so hard. Dads are tricky. Honestly, my father doesn't want or need anything for Father's Day. I think he likes to be acknowledged for Father's Day, but he really doesn't want us spending significant money on him. It leaves very few options.

Can you imagine, though, the look on my sister's face if I were able to hand over a gift in a small package to my dad on Father's Day? He'd open it up, and I just don't know what he'd do if he found out there was a legit Red Sox World Series ring inside. Not a knock off World Series ring, but an authentic ring—the same exact ring the players received. How insane would that be?

The Red Sox are giving you one more day to enter to win this amazing prize that money can't buy. To enter, simply make a donation to the Red Sox Foundation. For every dollar donated, you'll receive one entry (with a 500 entry max).

The winner also receives Green Monster Seats, a tour of Fenway Park and dinner before the game. The ring will be presented on-field during pre-game ceremonies. It's a prize that might even get dad choked up on Father's Day.

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