Our movie review expert, Willie Waffle takes a look at 3 movies this week:  'Chips', 'Life' & 'Power Rangers'

Using his patented Waffle rating system, Willie Waffle gives you his expertise opinion, so you don’t waste your cash on a flick fail.

Listen to Willie Waffle's movie review below. You can also hear it live on FUN 107 every Friday morning at 6:35am!

"A rookie officer is teamed with a hardened pro at the California Highway Patrol, though the newbie soon learns his partner is really an undercover Fed investigating a heist that may involved some crooked cops." - IMDb

"Life tells the story of the six-member crew of the International Space Station that is on the cutting edge of one of the most important discoveries in human history: the first evidence of extraterrestrial life on Mars. As the crew begins to conduct research, their methods end up having unintended consequences and the life form proves more intelligent than anyone ever expected." - Rotten Tomatoes


"A group of high-school kids, who are infused with unique superpowers, harness their abilities in order to save the world." - IMDb

Willie Waffle Ratings:

Chips = 1  WAFFLE

Life = 2 1/2 WAFFLES

Power Rangers = 1 1/2 WAFFLES

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