We got a little bit more snow across the SouthCoast this morning, but will we actually get to keep any for Christmas?

The concept of a "white Christmas" with a picture perfect layer of fluffy white snow is not actually all that accurate for New England.

We usually don't get consistent cold temperatures for snow to fall and then stick around until late January/ early February, so a snowy Christmas day is a bit of a fantasy.

And yet, with the few snow storms we've already gotten this season and the cold streak we are apparently in store for at the tail end of the week, I really thought we had a shot at a "white Christmas."

But alas, Mother Nature is saying "nope."

Even though we will barely get out of the teens on Thursday and Friday, by Christmas week temperatures jump back up into the 40s. Way too warm for snow.

In fact as of right now, Christmas day is expected to be sunny with a high of 40.

Nice for heading out and doing the holiday traveling, but certainly not as classic Christmas as one might hope.

Maybe it's just me that loves the idea of a snowy Christmas. Maybe dealing with snow while dealing with everything else you need to do on actual Christmas is just not worth it.

But I can't help but love the thought of waking up to a blanket of snow on Christmas morning.

Not likely for Christmas 2019, but fingers crossed I get my Christmas wish next year.

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