Prevention Magazine is one of the of the most popular on the newsstands at this time.   In a new article listing foods we should avoid, one of my favorites is mentioned.   A toxicologist says that microwave popcorn is dangerous.   She explains that some chemicals, including ones that are known to cause cancer in test animals, are in the lining of the bags.

Apparently the microwaving causes the chemicals to vaporize into the popcorn.   The toxicologist also says that these chemicals stay in the human body for years and are stored in organs, including the liver.   Yikes.

The makers of the microwave popcorn bags have been told to phase out the chemicals, but that won't happen until 2015.   The magazine suggests we pop natural kernals the old-fashioned a skillet.

You can also eat the same amount of popcorn for a fraction of the cost of microwave popcorn.   I just threw the two remaining microwave popcorn bags we had in the cupboard in the trash.