Bid on These Appliances to Support Holiday Wish
We are spotlighting little Abby Samways and her family this morning for Holiday Wish Week.  Abby is 10 years old and has an extremely rare condition. Only three people in New England suffer from her condition. She requires round-the-clock care...
Bid On These Appliances To Support Holiday Wish
**UPDATE** Dave Vermette just called back and added in a Whirlpool refrigerator to the package!
We are spotlighting Lavolta Depina and her family this morning. Lavolta is a single mom that was caring for five children on her own (four of which were not biologically hers) when she was suddenly hi…
Avoid Popcorn
Prevention Magazine is one of the of the most popular on the newsstands at this time.   In a new article listing foods we should avoid, one of my favorites is mentioned.