Got a low battery, but far from home? Officials say don't just charge your phone anywhere.

It's a pretty simple scam actually, but I think common sense could go a long way for you.

Officials say cyber criminals are leaving USB chargers in plugs at airports, malls and other tourist destinations.

The goal is to get someone who has a low battery to see one and think "it's my lucky day." They then plug in to charge and while their battery powers up, hackers infect the phone.

The LADA Office says the malware on their seemingly left behind chargers can lock you out of your device while your password and data are sent back to the hackers. And there is nothing you can do but watch.

Sounds absolutely awful.

So what can you do?

The LADA Office says avoid USB charging stations altogether. And use an AC power outlet to charge instead.

The also advise to double and triple check that you packed your own AC and car chargers when traveling.

And if you think that's not enough, invest in a portable charger for emergencies.

Traveling for the holidays to see family can be stressful enough, no one needs a data hack on top of that.

So think smart before you head out on the road or even for a shopping trip to the mall.

Make sure your phone is charged and if not, definitely don't use any old USB charger you see lying around.

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