There even more reason to get all artistic with the kids this weekend.

The Joy Team is a non-profit organization out of Portland, Oregon that has been "spreading joy, optimism and inspiration" for a decade now.

Initially known for putting up inspirational billboards, they launched Chalk the Walks a few years ago to encourage kids to write happy messages and spread joy in their neighborhoods.

Though Chalks the Walks is usually a summer project for The Joy Team, folks locally are taking the idea and promoting it now.

The goal is to get kids to draw happy pictures and send motivational messages for other kids and adults separated from their normal routine during a time of "social distancing."

And that is why you and your children are being encouraged locally to break out the sidewalk chalk and decorate your neighborhood this weekend.

Mother Nature helped kick this project off on Friday, but Saturday is another chance to draw across your driveway.

It's a super simple way for your whole family to support your community and enjoy the artwork of those around you.

Yes, the point isn't just to make some motivational artwork, it's too enjoy the work of others too.

So while you and your kids head out for a walk through the neighborhood you can see the drawings and words of other families in the same situation you are and know that we're all in this together.

For kids who might be struggling with all the separation, this may be a great way to feel more connected.

And having a project that'll occupy the kids for awhile isn't a bad idea either.

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