Organ transplants are still very much necessary and happening right now even during this pandemic, but spare organs are harder to find than usual.

As horrible as it sounds, you would think with all those we are losing to this pandemic there would be organs available to those who need them. It's actually the opposite.

Most organ donations come from unexpected deaths. And with fewer people are getting out and about, that inevitably leads to fewer accidents.

I know what you are thinking, what about the people we are so tragically losing to this pandemic? Well, so much is still unknown about the virus and how it spreads that transplanting an organ or tissue from an infected person to someone else would most likely lead to another infection. It makes sense, although they are currently researching whether or not they can use an organ from someone who may have been infected and recovered.

So if you happen to know anyone on an organ waiting list, the pandemic has probably delayed their transplant even more.

Even if an organ does make its way to the perfect recipient there are other obstacles. Personal Protective Equipment – or PPE – can not be taken from hospitals for transplants. So ensuring the right PPE is available for the transplant may pose an issue at some facilities. You must test negative for COVID-19 before the procedure.

If you have always thought about being a donor or know a loved one who isn't one but may consider it, visit the New England Donor Services website for more info and register as a donor.

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