Part of me doesn't even want to bring this up, because I don't want to give Governor Charlie Baker any ideas, but it doesn't take an epidemiologist to read the tea leaves.

It feels as if this spike in COVID-19 cases isn't going away anytime soon. If the numbers continue to increase, there is fear that a rollback on the re-opening might happen, especially in cities and towns that are designated as red for a period of time.

While I understand the necessity for a good number of these restrictions, others – like the 10 p.m. curfew – have left me scratching my head. One thing I am very worried about is if gyms are forced to shut down for a period of time. During the initial lockdown in March, April, and May, aside from family members, it was my gym that I missed the most.

Since the gyms have reopened, I have been trying to go to the gym as often as my schedule allows. Looking on the bright side, I have never been more dedicated to my fitness regimen. My dedication, however, is driven by the fear that the state's gyms could be closed down at any time. As a result, my cardio has become noticeably improved. Perfect timing, right? If you are going to have improvements to your cardio, it's not a bad time to improve it in the middle of a pandemic that attacks your respiratory system.

We should be encouraging people to work out more, not less. Keep the gyms open. Keep on social distancing, of course, but keep them open. There are so many people that need the gym to stay emotionally and mentally balanced. I sincerely mean that. Fitness is always very important, but during a pandemic, it could mean the difference between life and death if you catch the contagion.

Governor Baker, please allow the people of this state to prepare their bodies to be as strong as possible to protect themselves against the virus. As you say, we are not out of the woods yet. Let's continue to be socially distant, and let's continue to keep the gyms open.

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