So Britney Spears is taking her Vegas show on the road, but should she?

Who doesn't love them some good ol' Britney Spears. She was a true pop star back in the day with NSYNC, the Backstreet Boys, Christina and so many more. She was was queen of the old TRL days. I loved her...literally. I loved this girl. No one wants to see her succeed more than me, but this might not be her best path to success. From what I've heard and been told about her Vegas show, she should leave it in Vegas.

Britney announced this morning on Instagram that she's doing a small tour across North America, Europe and the UK.

I've heard a lot of things about her show in Vegas and not a lot of it is good. My fiance is a dancer and knows a lot of people that have seen the show and some that have either performed in it or know someone who has. Across the board they all kind of knock the show and say that Brit herself isn't really the performer she used to be. "Lazy," is the common word I keep hearing.

We all know about Brit's lip syncing history, so I can't say I'm surprised by some of the reviews I've heard. If the choreography isn't killing it too, then what are we really doing here? I thought the whole lip syncing thing was so you could do some killer choreo.

Like I said, Britney was a pop queen and I want to remember her that way. If she takes some shotty performance on tour I don't want it to knock her down a peg. She put in enough work already to make us remember that entire melt down in 2007.

Here's hoping if Brit is really going through with this that she ups the game and really brings us through the time warp back to "Baby One More Time."

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