My husband and I went out to breakfast this morning and I saw several people at the restaurant drinking something with breakfast that I just couldn't do. But am I the only one?

I am all for breakfast food at any time of the day. Bacon and eggs for lunch or dinner is just as delicious as it is first thing in the morning. But for whatever reason I don't feel the same way about certain beverages. Those seem to me to be for certain times of the day.


As my husband and I enjoyed our meals along with cups of coffee and tea respectively, fellow diners were having soda with their breakfast. Soda! And not just one person either, I saw a couple of people doing this and it seemed super weird to me.

I honestly don't know why its so weird. As my husband pointed out soda probably has just as much caffeine as his coffee. And it's not that it's cold...I mean I like cold juice with breakfast or an iced coffee. So why do I have an issue with this?

I think its just that drinking soda was always a restricted thing for me growing up. My mother was big on saying "milk with the meal," so soda wasn't something we had with dinner. It was "special" occasions, like ordering pizza or getting a Happy Meal. It was such a rarity in my house that I still don't drink it very often (something else I'm sure David Duran will make fun of me for!).

I also just can't believe that bacon, eggs, toast and soda taste good together. It seems too weird. But is it just me? Would you or do you have soda with breakfast?