I'm not excluding the dads or the guys, but here's why I feel every woman needs to come and stay here.

As a working mom with two very active kids, the weeks really do fly by for me. I feel that as soon as the "new year" rolls around and all the plans and ideas I have for the upcoming year that I have in mind to start working on, January turns into June—literally. Time goes by so fast. Maybe as a mom, you feel the same way?

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Well, here we are back at the Nobnocket Boutique Inn on the Vineyard getting set for our Memorial Day Weekend broadcast to officially kick off the summer of 2019. Shannon was one of our lucky winners this morning and she and a friend will be coming over from New Bedford to join us. Shannon has kids and is a busy working mom who really deserves this little getaway. I know for a fact she is going to absolutely LOVE her time here at the Nobnocket Boutique Inn and will definitely come back again on her own next time.

Conor Doherty

Here is a little of what you'll see and experience if you decide to book your weekend (or longer) this summer. Moms, seriously—do not put off some time just for you this summer. You and a girlfriend or you by yourself would so appreciate this amazing inn here on the Vineyard.

Conor Doherty

Our innkeepers, Annabelle and Simon, are the most wonderful hosts and will make you feel like the special guests that you are. Take my word for it, the Nobnocket Boutique Inn is where you want to go for your weekend away.

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