Maybe it's just me, but this maternity clothing trend drives me nuts!

As most pregnant women would agree, maternity clothes aren't great.

It takes me forever to find things I like, the sizes from store to store are never comparable and don't even get me started on the weird belly elastic to keep them up.

But the one thing about maternity pants that drive me crazy is the fake front pockets. It looks like there are pockets there...but they are sewn closed!

I found this fact strange the first time I was pregnant, but the second time around the lack of front pockets is really annoying.

I mean as the parent of a young kid, you get weird things handed to you all the time. Tiny toys they're done with holding, used kleenex they've wiped their noses on, oddball items they found on the ground and feel the need to share with you...weird things end up in your hand.

And in maternity pants where can you put them?

I guess maybe the thought is you may not be able to reach your front pockets the bigger your belly gets? Or that pregnant women shouldn't put their hands in their pockets in case they fall cause we're so darn clumsy?

Whatever the reason, I don't like it. Back pockets may exists, but it just means I sit on stuff.

I would really like my front pockets back maternity clothes makers!

I can admit I may be overthinking this, but I know I'm not the only pregnant lady to have issue with maternity what are your maternity fashion complaints?

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