The soccer craze is something I can't grasp. I understanding loving a team. I love the Celtics, Red Sox, and the Patriots. I was AT the game when the Celtics won the 2008 Championship, and it was the highlight of my sports watching career, but never once did I get the urge to go CRAZY and almost bring m self to delirium and wildness just because my team scored a couple points.

Also, why do riots break out at so many soccer games, is the passion so intense that It makes people want to hurt other people?

I think I may have part of the answer. Its not about the game of soccer, which I find to be VERY boring, its about the countries. Natives of whatever country is playing are SO intent on their team beating the OTHER country that it becomes not about the game, but about the pride. There isn't a big rage about the New England Revolution beating another team in MLS in America. But put two countries together? WAR!!!!

That has to be the answer because what is so exciting about 1-1 game that takes 3 hours to play?