It's hard to believe, but the first time I ate Acushnet Creamery ice cream was only six years ago in October of 2013. I remember the day clearly. We had Disney star Zendaya Coleman visiting Fun 107 for the day.

We invited listeners into Fun 107 to meet her, and we wanted something fun to add to the event. Someone had told me about Acushnet Creamery, so we asked them to bring an ice cream bar here to Fun 107 so that everyone could have sundaes.

That was the first time I tried their Coffee Oreo ice cream. For as long as I'd been alive, I've never had ice cream like that. It ruined all other ice cream for me. It was incredible.

I became a regular customer of Acushnet Creamery and became fast friends with the owners Donna and Doug Coray. Then, I discovered the bad news about being a dedicated fan of Acushnet Creamery: I found out that they closed for the winter. In those days, Acushnet Creamery closed in November. It was awful. It was like falling in love with a girl who was moving away to college. My first love affair with Acushnet Creamery only lasted a month before she closed up and broke my heart.

I have to admit though, the old saying is true, absence does make the heart grow fonder. And when it was finally opening day at Acushnet Creamery the following spring, it was like an unofficial holiday. Like Opening Day in Major League Baseball, Acushnet Creamery's opening is a sign of spring.

I've had many conversations with Donna and Doug about keeping the Creamery opened year-round. Those conversations always ended with me conceding that the demand that grew during the offseason made it worth any revenue that may have been lost because of the closing.

So what finally tipped the scales? Why did Acushnet Creamery finally decide to stay open year-round? We talked to Doug Coray this morning.

Customers have been asking for years. Between them asking and our full time employees that would prefer to work year round, we thought it was the right choice to give it a shot. The customers will ultimately decide if it stays permanent. We believe it will be great!  --Doug Coray, Acushnet Creamery owner

So there it is. The smell of waffle cones will waft through the air near Pope Park 12 months a year – for the time being, at least.

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