It's an idea from a mom in Kentucky that would be awesome to see on the SouthCoast.

Being home with young kids has different challenges than being home with older kids.

The biggest difference seems to me to be the fact that there is no school work to occupy some of their time.

I can't ask my preschooler to focus on some math while I do some work of my own. And the 18-month-old? Forget it. All she wants is to be held now that I am home 24/7.

A mom in Lexington, KY was feeling sort of the same way. Wondering what she could do with her younger kids to keep them entertained while they are socially distancing.

And here's what she came up with.

She based a fun neighborhood game around the book, "We Are Going On a Bear Hunt."

She basically asked everyone in her neighborhood to "hide" a teddy bear in one window of their house (or tree outside, mailbox, etc).

Then when she and her kids go out for a walk through the neighborhood she asks her kids to "hunt the bears."

It keeps the kids engaged while they are out on the walk as they search every house to see if there is a bear hidden there. And brings the neighborhood together in a way during this time apart.

A win-win.

And a super cute idea for any neighborhood.

So if you've got a teddy bear hanging around somewhere, pick a window and set it up.

See if you can start a "bear hunt" in your neck of the woods.

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