Alright, who's the snitch?

Netflix has become a way of life. It's probably as big or maybe bigger than cable TV at this point. We sit. We binge. We talk about it all over social media. It's what we do.

The unfortunate truth though is that not all of us can afford our own Netflix account. Or maybe just some of us are good enough people to be willing to share. It's a perfect system. A whole group of people can enjoy the terror of Bird Box or the confusion of Black Mirror all from one single account.

Well, it was a perfect system. Someone snitched. I need to know who it was! Who let all the Netflix people know we're out here sharing account? You're basically that kid reminding the teacher that she forgot to assign homework. You're the worst! THE WORST!

Now, Netflix has software that is able to track users who share passwords. There's some fancy schmancy software company in the UK called Synamedia and they're tracking fraudulent activity. So not only is there a snitch in our midst, but there are some nerds in the UK helping them!

So I'm just saying, we should launch our own software; new and inventive software that tracks snitches, tattle-tales, stool pigeons, whistleblowers and the like.


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