If you are a fan of comics, today might be a very good day for you. But if you are just a fan of sexy actors getting movie roles than today is definitely a good day for you!

As i learned from ScreenCrush's Chris Sims Director Zack Snyder revealed the new batsuit today on twitter and it certainly makes Ben Affleck look ripped.

Actually it makes him borderline roided out if you ask me. I mean look at all those veins! What's up with that?

But wait there's more! X-Men fans got some love today too. A producer from the X-Men series of films says that Channing Tatum will be playing Gambit for the franchise.

Getty Images/Marvel

Gambit apparently loves New Orleans, so producers thought Tatum's Southern roots made him a good fit for the role. I think he's just incredibly sexy and would look good in some sort of form fitting Gambit costume.

And it looks like Tatum will be getting his own Gambit spin-off, so I imagine an entire series of films will be in his future. And ours!

So two good looking guys, in two big time movie roles. Which actor are you more excited about seeing as a super hero?

Here's Marvel's full cover of X-Men's Gambit comic. How long have you been reading the comics? Enjoy!