Who in your household is the first to crack and kick that heat on when fall becomes fall?

Every year, right around this time my husband and I start bickering about when we should break down and fire up the furnace and turn on the heat. If he had it his way, we'd be layered in sweatshirts, ski pants, mittens and winter hats inside and not turn the heat on until December.

Ok, I'm exaggerating slightly here, but you get what I mean. He's not a quick start when it comes to turning the heat on in September or even October for that matter.

Me, on the other hand, well this is me the minute I feel a cooler-than-cool breeze at the beginning of September:


I'm always going to be the one in the house to put the heat on first in October. One year, my husband said he would surprise me with a fun day date that could possibly include a Spa Day if I could hold off until November 1 before turning on the heat. I almost made it but caved that year on October 22.

It's now become the running squabble in our house that our two kids find very amusing. "Will she or won't she cave this week?" they'll joke back and forth.

With ABC6 meteorologist Chelsea Priest confirming that the colder temps are here to stay, it will be a lot to ask of me to even make it through this weekend without touching that thermostat, but I'll try.🙃

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