Just about half the country was scorched this weekend will unbearable heat. Record temperatures and high humidity made it insufferable.

Many of us stayed indoors with our air conditioning on high. You had to be pretty brave to do any physical activity out in 100-plus-degree weather.

Hopefully, you stayed hydrated either way.

The complaints I would hear from friends and family and even myself, got me thinking: which would I rather have, bone-chilling cold or gross, sticky heat?

To be honest, I only dislike the cold when I'm coming out of the shower. Otherwise, I'm ok with it being cold.

Yes, the heat feels so amazing on a nice day at Round Hill Beach. The tan or sunburnt skin that comes along with amazing sunny days, it's true bliss.

On the flip side, I'm not a fan of being gross, sweaty, and sometimes downright smelly. In my perfect world, we would have fall year-round. Nothing like wearing a light sweater or hoodie, right?

I find it hard to believe that people actually loved the weather we experienced this weekend.

Asking just my close friends what they prefer, they all agreed they would take the summer heat any day over the blistering winters.

Time for you to weigh in. I would love to hear what you prefer after experiencing this weekend's extreme temperatures.

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