We have lots of amazing local restaurants with the best food anywhere here on the SouthCoast, but if you could add another, which of these would you pick?

After years and years of hoping and wishing for Trader Joe's to come to the SouthCoast, I can honestly say that I've just given up. I'm not alone. There is an actual online petition that's been circulating for at least five years with thousands of signatures on it. The company is aware of how badly SouthCoast peeps want Trader Joe's here. We've even included ideas of where it should be located.

But like I said, I no longer dream about it and if it happens, great.

I even have an inside connection at Trader Joe's as my cousin's husband is a manager of a store on the South Shore. When I asked him if he thought the company would bring a location to Dartmouth (an obvious location), he says, "It ain't gonna happen anytime soon." Boo, I replied.

Then there's the on-going question among my friends and me: why don't we have a Cheesecake Factory down here? I mean, seriously. There was a rumor a few years back that in an attempt to save the Silver City Galleria in Taunton, the owners were very close to a deal that would bring the restaurant into that mall. Well as we all know, that did not happen. The closest Cheesecake Factory locations to the SouthCoast are Providence, which is always at least two-hour wait any time of the day, and in Braintree at the South Shore Plaza.

We want to know, which of these five would you love to see here on the SouthCoast in the next year?

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