My nephew, Carter, is almost three and soon he will be begging for pen and paper to write his Christmas list to Santa.

I have such fond memories as a little girl writing out my list. I would sound out the words and write them down in a fury, trying to figure out how to spell "Barbie Doll Dream House" so Santa could understand it.

However, when I was little, Santa didn’t have a designated mailbox. It seems as though Santa has gotten a little more resourceful over the years, and doesn’t have just one mailbox, but several across the SouthCoast.

Kyle from New Bedford posted to a local Facebook group asking, “Does anyone know of any Santa Letter mailboxes around New Bedford that I can drop my son's letter off?”


Dozens of residents chimed in with locations on where they dropped off their letters, and I wanted to compile a list of the Santa stops, just in case your little one has any last-minute requests.

According to that post, here are some locations of Santa mailboxes:

  • Chace Road in Freetown
  • A residential home next door to West End Day Nursery on Max Field Street
  • The New Bedford Post Office
  • Outside the Star Store in Downtown New Bedford
  • Kenny’s Farm Stand in Fairhaven
  • Home Depot on State Road in Dartmouth
  • Macy’s in the Dartmouth Mall
  • UMass Dartmouth CVPA Building on Purchase Street in New Bedford

The clock is ticking down to Christmas morning and Santa is running out of time to make every wish come true, so don’t forget to send those letters. Do you know of another location? Let us know!

Happy Holidays, SouthCoast.

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