As a diehard Celtics and Patriots fan, I've got some some wild superstitions.

So, before you go ahead and start judging me, just remember, "It's only crazy if it doesn't work." I'm insanely superstitious and I'm not even ashamed of it. Some could argue I'm the reason the Patriots came back in the Super Bowl last year. They forgot to send me a ring, but it's more about the team and not the individual. Tom Brady was pretty good that game so I let him bask in the glow of all that fanfare.

Since last year in the AFC Championship game against the Pittsburgh Steelers my friends and I have found our winning ways. It all starts with me. I can't consume any alcoholic beverages (That's no beer, wine, hard alcohol) until we get a feel for the game and if I'm needed. That's basically phase 1. If the team gets down, looks a little rough, or is struggling a bit then I have to crack into the alcohol along with everyone else.

Phase 2 is when we have to report to our assigned lucky seating locations (if the drinking hasn't worked). There's no real timetable for when you jump to phase 2. It's kind of a feel it out the situation.

Phase 3 is decided at halftime. This is when the shot rule is enacted. If things don't look great then to start the second half we all have to take a shot and then proceed to take a shot after every single Patriots touchdown. This made for a crazy fourth quarter last season.

Phase 4 is when things get crazy. We enact Phase 3 if the team is still behind late or the opposition seems to be making a run (usually entering the fourth quarter). Now some of us lose out on the right to watch some of the game.

Let it be known I didn't see any of the Patriots 28-3 comeback live. You're welcome.

So, me personally, I'm no longer allowed to watch the offense. I have to stay on my toes and before each snap run out of the room into another one, close the door and hold the door nob. I listen for reaction and once the play is over I have to run back out to catch any replays and prepare for my next sprint out. My friend Mike basically has to do the same thing as me and get that cardio in.

We're allowed to watch defense but we have our designated positions to watch.

Now. remember, "It's only crazy if it doesn't work," and it's been working since last season.

What are your crazy superstitions and what have you done to help your team win?

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