Chick-fil-A fans have been wondering what is going on with the Seekonk location.

The popular chicken sandwich restaurant has been closed for renovations since Jan. 3, according to franchise owner Jonas Williams.

The Seekonk location has only been open seven years, but Williams says they "don't want to wait for the building to be in rough shape before we remodel and make improvements."

Some of those improvements include an expansion of the drive-thru "cockpit" area. It is now much larger with additional storage and ice cream machines so staff can prepare shakes quicker. The playground was removed to make more room for the dining room.  The whole front has been remodeled with new tile, new furniture and a renovation of the bathrooms.

Courtesy of Jonas WIlliams
Courtesy of Jonas WIlliams

The drive-thru will feature a door instead of a window.

"Everybody that I talk to loves it," says Williams.

The door will give the Chick-fil-A team better access to the traffic in the drive-thru line.

Williams says the company is rebuilding several-hundred locations per year with this new model.

"Part of it is us making sure we're staying fresh and relevant. When you come into the restaurant it will feel like a new restaurant. It will look and feel completely different. One of the core values in the company is to reinvent continuously."

Williams says the plan is to open the first Monday of February but it's not guaranteed.

Courtesy of Jonas Williams
Courtesy of Jonas Williams

For people who need their fix before Seekonk reopens, Chick-fil-A is also open at SouthCoast Marketplace in Fall River. Wiliams says the company is "looking at expanding additionally on the SouthCoast."

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