As the weather gets warmer, you'll see the familiar sights of Dartmouth's Slocum Road being jammed with people gettin' active.

Some run, some walk, some walk with dogs, some push strollers, so on and so forth.  And if you are familiar with Slocum Road, you know exactly what side of the road I'm talking about because there is only a sidewalk on one side- Bishop Stang/Town Hall side.

This road has always been very pedestrian-friendly and comes with plenty of standard, neon-yellow signs to warn drivers of school zone/pedestrians crossings along the way.  But of all the crosswalks along the length of Slocum Road, there is one that seems grossly misplaced.

The crosswalk in question is exactly where you'd expect any crosswalk to be, immediately in front of the Dartmouth Memorial Stadium's main gates and at the end of a sidewalk ramp to make it easy for bikes, strollers, and wheelchairs to roll down and across the street. By all appearances, this set up looks totally normal.

crosswalk 1

As I mentioned earlier, most of Slocum Road only has a sidewalk on one side of the street, so the idea of crosswalks is a bit strange but I'm sure there's a good reason for it. For the heck of it, suppose you decide to use this crosswalk to safely get to the other side; here's what happens:

Blog Image Ideal Size

Giant bushes as close to the road as possible. I know that there is a science behind traffic lights, crosswalks, etc. but if someone could shed some light on why this one is here, we'd love to know.

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