Easy ways to make your house more zen, Gilmore Girls may be making a comeback and Britney Spears has an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction.


Easy Ways to Create a Stress-Free Zone in Your House

These easy DIY tips are guaranteed to make your space feel just a little more zen – most are as easy as hiding a power strip IN a drawer instead of on the floor to hide wires and sleep-stealing electronics, how to organize your home office desks and entryways and  the ONE thing that is very worth it splurge on – an amazing blanket for your bed.

Fingers Crossed – There is Going to be a Gilmore Girls Revival

The cast of the wildly popular TV show had hinted that there may be a revival in the works at the reunion a few months back and now there are rumors swirling that Netflix has picked up the show. The proposition is still in its early stages – meaning none of the original actors have signed on but the show’s creators are apparently on board.

Britney Spears had a Major Wardrobe Fail During a Performance

Britney Spears suffered a cringe-worthy wardrobe malfunction at one of her recent shows in Las Vegas. Whole performing, the back of she very tight one-piece outfit popped open. Her backup dancers tried frantically to get zippered again but to no avail. Spears finished the song and then scurried off stage to change.