One popular trendy Christmas gift is the worst for kids with long hair, how to do Thanksgiving on a budget and what $1,000 in rent can get you across the country.

If Bunchems are On Your Kids Christmas List, Beware if They Have Longer Hair

One of the most popular toys of the year, Bunchems, are absolutely reeking havoc on kid’s who have anything less than a buzzcut. Bunchems are essentially little colorful balls that stick together to make any shape or design your child wants. The problem is the same thing that makes Bunchems stick together also makes them get stuck in kid’s hair. Dozens of parents are reporting horror stories about the toy and the struggle of trying to get them out. One parent even said that she had to cut her daughter’s butt-length hair to a bob.

How to Do Thanksgiving for Under $100 Bucks

Since people are often having multiple Thanksgivings now (Friendsgiving, traditional Thanksgivings, etc.) knowing how to host the perfect Thanksgiving on a budget not only makes the day less stressful but prevents the “cringe and cry” after seeing your bank balance. The budget-friendly Turkey Day doesn’t skimp either – garlic herb turkey, apple cider gravy and sour cream mashed potatoes are just part of the menu.

If You’re Renting an Apartment or House, You’re Going to Want to See What $1,000 Gets You in Other Parts of the Country

Seriously – we know we live in an expensive part of the country but seeing the difference in what $1,000 gets you in New York versus what it can get you in North Carolina and Nashville is astounding. We’re talking the difference between a futon IN A CLOSET as a bedroom to a full 1,000 square foot house with multiple bedrooms….