One major "office" relationship turns out to be totally legit, we missed Squirrel Appreciation Day and life hacks that will make your car / life SO MUCH cleaner!

the office
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Excuse us while we gush over the magnitude of these #relationshipgoals...Anyone who's watched "The Office", heard of the show or has access to a computer have probably seen meme after meme about the utter perfection of Jim and Pam. Turns out, Jenna Fischer revealed on Watch What Happens Live that the two were actually genuinely in love during the filming of the show. But (to everyone's dismay), the two knew that the real-life versions of Jim and Pam would not work out and now they both are happily married to other people. Still. #RELATIONSHIPGOALS.

#SquirrelAppreciationDay was yesterday, January 21, but since it's so weird and random, we wanted to mention it today. Our biggest question is this - how does one actually go about appreciating squirrels?!

In my quest to be the most organized person in the world, I find myself reading tons of articles with life hacks to make life just a little simpler and cleaner. This one might take the cake - use silicone baking molds (like you would use for cupcakes) and place them in the cup holders in your car. Not only do they catch loose change, but they also catch all those yucky drips and run off from drinks and food and can be tossed in the dishwasher to be cleaned. No more nasty cup holders!!

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