A viral Facebook might need a little recalculation, the White House joins Snapchat and if you have $200 million, you could own the Playboy Mansion.


Since the Powerball jackpot has just been climbing and climbing, people are taking to social media to share all kinds of memes and funny posts about what they would do if they won the now over a billion dollars. However, this photo which was originally shared from Livesosa's Facebook page, might need a little recalculation. Here's a hint - it's more like $4.33 each, not over 4 million each. Turns out, the photo was a hoax to see how many people would share it. Looks like it worked! Happy Powerball everyone!

As of Monday night, the White House has officially upped its social media game by joining Snapchat. Obama was the first president to have his own Twitter and Facebook and now, he can get your snaps! Username: WhiteHouse.

If you've got $200 million laying around, you may want to scoop up the Playboy Mansion while it's on the market. However, be prepared to have a house guest - Hugh Hefner himself. The mansion was put up for sale this week and the new owner would inherit 20,000 square foot home and a permanent house guest. Bunnies may or may not be included.