How to wrap your presents like a boss, the Patriots lead the NFL in Google searches and the most popular holiday cookie this year. 


This is tutorial that I could have certainly used this weekend. This helps you learn how to really measure how much wrapping paper you need for gift, make the creases look professional AND how to fold in the edges like a boss.

Thanks to that little Deflatgate thing, NE Pats were the number one trending NFL team in 2015. The Panthers held the top spot and the Green Bay Packers, Colts and Titans rounded out the Top 5!

Gingerbread Cookies are Apparently the Most Searched Cookie in Massachusetts

Everyone’s got Christmas treats on the brain this week and Gingerbread cookies are at the top of the list in most of the country, including in Massachusetts! Mexican wedding cookies, oatmeal raisin cookies and snickerdoodles are also on the list.