As I sat for a total of around four hours and 30 minutes the other day working on my brand new chest piece, I have to say, it was by far the worst pain of my life.

I have my entire arm done, and that felt like feathers in comparison to those hours of agony while I was getting my chest tattooed. It was to the point where my legs actually began shaking uncontrollably at times, muscle fatigue, almost like the flu. I honestly had never experienced anything like this.

Chest piece




Now, that being said, I only have my arm and chest (it goes slightly into my stomach) done. No rib, no leg, or no face/neck tattoos.

I'm now officially wondering if I'm being a total wimp, even though a lot of this is subjective. From personal friends, I've heard I wasn't overexaggerating and that the chest and stomach were the worst for a few people. Are they being honest with me?

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