As moms, there isn't much we wouldn't do for our kids. But would you walk into a tattoo parlor not knowing what you'll be getting or where it will be?

I've got two kids, both boys, and I don't think there is anything that I wouldn't do for them. So after coming across this story on Facebook, I went back and forth in my mind saying to myself, would I or wouldn't I do this?

Nancy Baker Duncan
Courtesy Nancy Baker Duncan

Nancy Baker Duncan did something pretty amazing for her son.

Nancy Baer Duncan
Courtesy Nancy Baer Duncan

Nancy posted this on Facebook: "I may not be a “warm fuzzy mom” and don't often “gush” about my son but I got a good one. About a month ago he asked if I would get a tattoo on my wrist that he picked out and I couldn’t see it until it was done. I was nervous it would be a baseball or a fortnite character but trusted him. This is what I got. He wouldn’t tell me until we got in the car what it meant. He then played a clip of him saying “love ya mom” on an app he found and this is the speech spectrogram of that."

That was a pretty amazing request from a son who loves his mom very much.❤️

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