We all wonder how we're doing as parents and most of us think we're doing  a kind of 'eh' job.  Our kids fight for our attention while we're trying to get work done- housework, homework, work that didn't get done at the office in time- all this stuff that makes us push them aside for a little bit longer just until we're caught up.

Minute Maid has taken their slogan "Put Good In, Get Good Out" and created a spin off #doinggood campaign. They asked parents, point blank, to describe how they think they've done as a parent.  The answers were honest, with one mom event saying plainly,  "I failed, I think on a daily basis, to live up to my own expectations. I question if I'm doing a good job."

Minute Maid then asked for their kids opinions on their parents parenting job. The kids wrote letters to their parents, giving them their kid-point-of-view and the results are tear-jerking.  After you watch the video, remember to tell your parents, no matter how old YOU are that they are doing a good job. When you put good values in, your kids will get those good values out.