If you're a big coffee drinker like I am, here's some info you might be interested in.  How you order your coffee can tell a lot about your personality.

For instance, if you drink your coffee straight up black, it means you are a minimalist, sometimes moody and quiet.  If you prefer a Frappuccino, you may be more adventurous, courageous and a trend setter.  Are you a fan of Espresso?  If so, that says that you are a hard worker, usually the "leader" in a situation, and can sometimes be moody too.  If you are a latte drinker, word has it that you are indecisive (ding, ding ding!), tend to be a people pleaser and slightly neurotic.

Lastly, if you have soy milk in your coffee, you're probably a detail oriented person and a little bit high maintenance (uh oh)....

I'm not putting a whole lotta stock into this fun little article I came across on the internet...but it is actually somewhat accurate, as least for me!

It pegged me for a detailed oriented, hard worker, who is a little bit of a high maintenance, indecisive, people pleaser.....yeah, pretty much!