Yesterday, I gave you tips on how to save money when planning your wedding.  Today, I'm going to tell you about the two things you should absolutely NOT skimp on!

The two most important things that you cannot skimp on, are food and music.  Those are the two things that everyone notices!  Think about the last wedding you went to, what do you remember?  The food and the music!  Honestly, most wedding food I've had, hasn't been very I was determined to make sure mine was.  You don't have to go nuts, but please, make sure you try out the vendor or catering, or whoever is doing your food.  It's a must.

Now onto music....if your DJ stinks, your guests will certainly remember...or what if he messes up people's names?!  That's no good!  I've been to weddings before where you can barely even hear the DJ...who's going to get up and dance if they can't even hear the music?  No one.  Please, find a great DJ or band, whatever you preference is, and pay the extra cash it costs to have a pro do not play your will more than likely regret it if you do.

Bonus tips: Makeup- hire a pro.  Venue- book off-season or even a weekday to save some cake!  Oh, and speaking of cake...cupcakes are typically the more affordable option.  :)  Questions on wedding planning?  Let me know, I love everything "wedding", I'd love to help you out!  Happy Planning!