We discussed "underpants radius" this morning. Meaning, what is the furthest distance that you are totally comfortable walking around in your underpants?

Christine said she goes on alert even if she leaves her bedroom, but admitted that she might sneak downstairs to grab a cup of coffee before her family gets up.

I have a much wider underpants radius. The topic was sparked because my wife was getting on my case for working on the pool last night while I was in my boxer briefs. In my mind, there's not much of a difference wearing boxer briefs and wearing shorts. My backyard is pretty private, and even if someone saw me out there–first of all, shame on you for looking.  Secondly, they wouldn't be able to tell that it wasn't a bathing suit.

We got a pretty interesting array of responses this morning when we brought it up on the air.  Here are some of the responses that we received via App Chat on the Fun 107 app:

BG from Dartmouth: "I drive a recycling truck I have seen a gentleman come outside and straight-up talking to me in his underwear and no, not boxers–straight-up tighty whiteys. So, for him there is no problem with it lmao!!!!"

Amanda from New Bedford wrote that she is willing to go out and grab her mail in her underwear.

Amanda in Fall River says that just this week she was tanning on her porch wearing her thong. She added, "Live Free."

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