We have all come to terms with wearing a mask whenever we are in public but I have noticed some disturbing things that I thought I should share.

Maybe you recall weeks ago when Michael Rock found something disturbing in his mask. It got me thinking we really need to starting taking care of our masks like we would our underwear. Just think about the similarities.

Like underwear, your mask should be changed daily, you absolutely shouldn't let anyone borrow it, and you should make sure it's clean at all times.

It goes even deeper than that. I have been seeing so many people walking around with masks that don't fit them. They keep falling off their ears or sliding off their nose. Just like underwear, you should probably get a mask that fits not too snug but not so loose that it sags.

I have six different cloth masks that make it into the laundry every week. I try to not go anywhere at least one day a week so the need for a seventh mask isn't there. However, I have been guilty of wearing a mask for more than one day.

So should we just admit that our mask is pretty much underwear for our face? For those of you that go commando, shame on you, you should be protecting the goods just like wearing a mask is protecting you and those around you.

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