One website actually ranked Christmas candies by which ones are the worst. And here's what is scraping the bottom of the Christmas candy barrel. put it out there to the people and got over 13,000 responses. So here's what people says are the worst candies of the holiday season.

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    Old-Fashioned Hard Candy Mix

    This is classic Grandma Christmas candy, but I don't think too many people actually want to eat it.

    Chances are when you come across this Christmas candy, it's been out for a few holiday seasons!

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    Ribbon Candy

    I have definitely eaten plenty of ribbon candy in my time and it's not that great.

    Most of the flavors are weird, it always breaks off painfully in your mouth...lots of things to hate about this one.

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    Non-Peppermint Candy Canes

    Again I totally agree with the voters at

    If it's not a classic candy cane, I want nothing to do with it.

    My husband on the other hand LOVES to get the Starburst ones every year. (Ew!)


    White Peppermint M&Ms

    Honestly I've never had these, but how bad can they be?

    I like M&Ms, I like peppermint...seems like it could be two great things that go great together.


    Lifesavers Story Books

    I think I have to disagree on this one too.

    I can remember getting these as a kid and I think simply for nostalgia's sake I wouldn't put them on my worst Christmas candy list.

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    Chocolate-Covered Cherry Cordials

    Try saying that one five times fast!

    Seriously though, I again have to disagree. I like chocolate covered cherry cordials. Not in mass quantities, but a couple around the holidays seems fine to me.

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    Peppermint Bark

    Again, disagree!

    This is a classic Christmas treat...chocolate and candy canes, what's wrong with that?!?


    Christmas Peeps

    I can certainly see this one making's list.

    I mean peeps are an Easter candy in my brain, so trying to get in on the Christmas holiday too is just not cool.


    Reindeer Corn

    Another candy from another holiday trying to hone in on!

    Reindeer corn is essentially candy corn dyed different're not fooling anyone reindeer corn!


    Christmas Tree Nougat

    100% agree!

    These are the candies you see on the shelves weeks after the holiday is over...cause nobody wants them, ever!