We all know that the road situation gets hairy here on the Southcoast even when there's an inch of snow, but we wanted to know what streets people DREAD in the winter. 


Here's our list of worst roads to travel on the Southcoast when it's snowing or has snowed:

Route 140: Between the Route 6 exit and the 195 on ramps is always moderately scary.

Potter St. in New Bedford: BLACK ICE.

177 in Westport - Tiverton: The theory is the snow plows just stop mid-way and then it's every man for themselves.

Any street between Bradford Ave. and Bay St. in Fall River: Guys, the hills are ridiculous on a normal day. Never mind when there's ice and a parking ban.

Fisher Rd. in Dartmouth: I'm sorry, did we drive off the road at some point and are just driving through the woods? Plows? Hello? It's us, we're scared.

Perryhill Rd. in Acushnet: Oh, didn't realize we were going down a roller coaster hill right into the middle of Main St. Our fault.

Route 24: Looking at you, people in trucks. We get it - you can drive fast in the snow. Those of us sans-4x4 are gonna need to take it slooooow. BACK UP.