I have many mom friends who can make this happen regardless of work-life and kids but I have yet to actually finish a book so far in 2019 and I'd really like to while on vacation next week.

See these books here, I've started the majority of them this year but have barely gotten past Chapter 2 or 3. I know, it's pretty sad right? I am not the only "busy working mom" on the planet so why can't I seem to read books like I used to?

If I really dig deep to figure this out, I think it's mostly my fault there isn't the follow through until the end of the book. Usually as soon as I start getting the feel for the book and maybe even a little excited about it, I start feeling guilty taking this "book-time" for myself when honestly there are a million different things that I could be doing to stay productive with my kids, work and the other 32 million things I am in charge of when it comes to my life. So I stop and put the book down and say to myself that I will get back to it this weekend when I have some free time, bahahaha.  Free Time?  What the heck is that?

Well, my husband and I are going on a weeks vacation together without the kids (you may have heard). One of my goals on this vacation besides to rest and rejuvenate, is to read even just one damn book!  I'm going to start on the plane and want to finish it while we are still on the island.  Here's the question; out of all of my most recent purchases, which book should I go with? I'm going to take two and will bring the Top 2 choices by you guys. Thanks for your help, I'll try not to disappoint.🙃🏝️📖

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