Happy Wet Nose Wednesday! This week, it goes to the dogs.

There is nothing quite like the unconditional love an animal brings to a home, and everyone deserves to experience that love. Hundreds of animals on the SouthCoast are living in animal shelters just waiting to bring that love tofamilies.

With the help of local shelters, we share their stories, and this week, we head to New Bedford where a charming dog is waiting to make you smile.

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Meet Clarissa, a 4-year-old mixed breed living at Lighthouse Animal Shelter in New Bedford. She is sweet, clingy and very affectionate. Her main goal? To get as close to you as possible.

"She will inch closer and closer into you and then when you least expect it, throw her entire chunky body at you and proceed to clean your face with kisses," the shelter said.

Clarissa was treated for heartworm so she is on a low-exercise plan for now which means she is only leash-walked in the shelter's yard and is not allowed to run or play.

"We can tell that she is absolutely ready to be let off leash and do some zoomies in the yard but she is being so patient in the meantime," the shelter said. "She is pretty easy to walk on a leash though (and) gets to be off leash very soon."

Clarissa is well-behaved in her crate. She hasn't had a single accident since she's been at the shelter and is quiet for the majority of the day. She is great with other dogs, and when it comes to cats, she's open to it.

Does Clarissa sound like a good fit for you and your family? Contact Lighthouse Animal Shelter, like them on Facebook, and schedule a play date ASAP.

Clarissa is available for fostering or adoption.

She cannot wait to meet you.

Lighthouse Animal Shelter

596 Hathaway Road, New Bedford, MA

(508) 999-7387

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