Happy Wet Nose Wednesday! Let's talk animals.

The love of a pet is the best love there is, and there are hundreds of animals on the SouthCoast ready to give that love. With the help of local shelters, we share the stories of these animals in hopes of matching them with the perfect family.

This week, we head to New Bedford where a handsome labrador mix is hoping to leave the shelter for good.

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Lighthouse Animal Shelter
Lighthouse Animal Shelter

Meet Bowie. Bowie is a 2-year-old, 44-pound lab mix under the care of Lighthouse Animal Shelter in New Bedford.

"He is a very sweet pup who will sit at your feet and cuddle with you, and give gentle kisses," said the shelter. "He is a lot of fun to play with as he loves to enthusiastically chase after toys especially stuffy toys."

Bowie is very smart boy and will follow the lead of his person, but truthfully, he's stressed out at the shelter.

"Bowie is comfortable in our fenced in yard, but when indoors in a kennel, he is reactive toward other dogs passing by," said the shelter. "As you can imagine, dogs have to pass by his kennel quite often throughout the day, so he is almost always stressed and on edge."

His reactivity also pops up when out in the community. The world is a big, scary place to Bowie, and he needs a patient family to show him otherwise.

Bowie is house trained and does very well in a home setting. When off leash with other dogs, he is friendly, likes to play, and even shares toys nicely with others.

And also, he's incredibly cute.

Does Bowie sound like a good fit for you and your family? Contact Lighthouse Animal Shelter, like them on Facebook, and schedule a play date today.

Bowie cannot wait to meet you.

Lighthouse Animal Shelter

596 Hathaway Rd., New Bedford, MA

(508) 999-7387

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