Lady-Jay breaks barriers by becoming first woman to premier on Jay-Jams.

"My Blood Runs Cold" is the latest "Rant-Remix" to hit the internet and Westport's very own Lady-Jay has a powerful message to her listeners.

Similar to most recording artists out there, Lady Jay speaks her mind, and she tells her life story.

One day, while driving home from work, Lady Jay was craving a bit of fast food and decided to grab a quick snack before calling it a day. She made the sole decision to pull into Burger King and proceeded to place her order (Lady Jay was unavailable at this time to relay her food order to Fun 107).

"Please drive forward," the drive-thru attendant said through the muffled speaker and Lady Jay proceeded to progress in line.

It was at that point when she realized her debit card was M.I.A. and she began to sweat in panic (despite the fact she was wearing a fleece sweatshirt in Summer).

Now, let's be honest, we've all been there at least once before, it's not that uncommon. Those pesky debit cards are always where they shouldn't be, but fortunately for Lady Jay, there's a happy ending. Right before she reached the cashier, her debit card appeared and all was right in the world.

We get you, Lady Jay, trust us- we've been there.

Slay on, Chica.

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