'All Friends Smokehouse' in Westport, MA is closing their doors for good at the end of February 2018.

Owning his own business has always been All Friends Smokehouse owner Jonathan Abreu's dream. Increased rent and costs, personal health and stress, and not being able to spend quilty time with his family all played a major factor into the decision to close the business.

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I reached out to Abreu to pay my respects to his successful business and he replied humbly:

"This wasn't easy, but I will ALWAYS put my family first. Our time on this earth is limited and nothing is guaranteed, so I want to have more time with my family and watch my daughter grow without all of the added stress and the added pressure of owning a business." -Abreu

Abreu opened up his business on Westport's busy Route 177 back on Oct, 18, 2014 at 549 American Legion Hwy. He specialized in BBQ comfort food that was a popular "go-to" for locals. Offering authentic "Texas" Bar-B-Que with a local twist and quality homemade comfort foods, it was a place you could visit at the end of a long work day and enjoy a beer or a glass of wine to accompany a dish big enough for two people. Abreu also specialized in party platters and catering services for weddings and local events.

With only 18 days remaining, now is your chance to try out 'All Friends Smokehouse' if you have yet to visit the family-owned restaurant. The smell of delicious backyard BBQ creeping out the vents of the business was an open invitation to "good eats" and will always be a staple in the small town of Westport.

As Abreu plans out his final days in his dream business, his future plans are still left private to the public but you can rest assuringly that he's not done yet.

Lastly, to Abreu's family who he loves dearly, be proud and prep that million-dollar smile... He's coming home.


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