When I tell you that I have the absolute craziest and fun-loving family, this story is proof.

My cousins, Mindi and Faith Bennivedse (mother and daughter), decided to escape the cold New England weather for a week and flew down to Tamp Bay, Florida to soak up the sun and enjoy the Super Bowl. They went down there hoping to see the Tampa Bay Buccaneers bring home a championship win, but of course, playing the defending champion Kansas Chiefs, victory was far but assured.

Fast forward to Wednesday, February 10 to Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowsi, and the rest of the team out in the bay, celebrating a well-deserved win as spectators began to crowd the shoreline to watch the party from a distance.

At this point, Mindi and Faith were hanging around, enjoying life, when Faith noticed a kayak rental shop with no line or wait time.

"Mom, can we rent a kayak and get a little closer?" she asked Mindi, and her mother answered, "Absolutely."

As my cousins began paddling out away from the shore, they got closer and closer to the entourage of champions; the next thing they knew, they were smack in the middle of the party, just feet away from Brady and his family.

All around them, footballs were being passed left and right from Brady to the select few fans who also wiggled their way into the party, and it was a memory that neither of them will ever forget. The waves were rocking, the Buccaneers were partying it up and my cousins were living their absolute best life that even landed them on the local ABC news down in Tampa as "two Boston girls who flew all the way down to Florida and kayaked their way to a Super Bowl victory afterparty."

Now that, my friends, is how it's done.

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