A New Bedford man is having a difficult time with his health after he recently experienced liver failure.

His name is Julio De Almeida and Westport townies have most likely met him. De Almeida has been working in town for the past 15 years, but has recently been absent due to declining health issues.

He's a father of four kids ranging in age from five months to seven years old, and his wife is a local cafeteria worker, doing everything that she can to make up for the lost wages due to De Almeida being out of work with his illness. De Almeida works in Westport, but is living in New Bedford and has already lost a couple of months from work, leaving many curious about his absence.

One of his co-workers, Cheryl Texeira, is doing everything in her power to get the message out about De Almeida's situation in hopes of finding him a liver donor since he's been on a waitlist for more than two months. She posted the following message over the weekend to keep the local community updated on his critical and severe condition.

"Hi Westport friends, this is Cheryl . I’m sure many of you are wondering about Julio. At this time he is very ill and waiting for a liver transplant. I thought it would be a great thing if you could send cards, financial support and words of encouragement. This is a time community means a lot." — Cheryl Texeira

"He's a good man," Texiera told Fun 107 with tears in her eyes. "He doesn't get involved with any gossip and is truly a man of God."

When asked if there was anything specific De Almeida needed, he humbly responded, "Just pray for me, please."

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