Kylie Hutchings is the PCA and best friend of a 28-year-old girl named Melissa DaSilva. Melissa remains undiagnosed, but her health issues started at birth. She has a severely curved spine, a G-Tube, and suffers from breathing problems.

“It’s honestly a miracle that she survived,” said Kylie.

Melissa explained that she’s had about 10 surgeries over the course of her life.

“A lot of them were back surgeries as I grew until my final fusion when was like 11. I had foot surgery to release the tendons, staples put in my knees, and I had a double aortic arch repaired at nine months," she said. "I also had RSV when I was two and a half and it damaged my lungs.”

Kylie Hutching

Although she was born with many complications and they seem to worsen with age, it hasn’t stopped her from being an amazing, caring and strong person. According to Kylie, we’d know that “this girl is ‘freaking amazing’ if (we) met her. Her disability prevents her from doing a lot of things that we take for granted. But she doesn’t complain. Ever.”

Melissa found the love of her life who was completely accepting of her disabilities and they just got married in November. Kylie was honored to be a bridesmaid and stand by her friend as Melissa wed 27-year-old Jon McKay.

Kylie Hutchings

A best friend’s stamp of approval means a lot when it comes to finding the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. Kylie could not be happier with Melissa and Jon choosing each other as partners.

“Jon has given her a real chance to live a life just like us, to forget she has a disability," she said.

Kylie Hutchings

Kylie really wants to see her friend and her new husband enjoy their newlywed life as much as possible. For many, that means going off on a honeymoon after the wedding. Both Jon and Melissa are huge wrestling fans and would love to go to WrestleMania, but they sadly can’t afford tickets.

“I love them so much that I’m trying anything I can to make their honeymoon come true," Kylie said. "Seeing her struggle these past few years with her health, it’s heart-wrenching to be unable to do anything more for her. It hurt me so much today to hear Melissa say that was all she wanted and it might not come true. Melissa deserves the world.”

While it would be wonderful to attend WrestleMania on Sunday, April 7 in New Jersey, Melissa would just be happy to get an acknowledgment from the wrestlers, especially from Bayley – her favorite! So share the love.