I’m a sucker for romantic stories and I love animals. When you combine the two, you have my full attention.

One of the animal control officers of Westport shared an update on a swan that was rescued from Cadaman Cove and was finally released back into the Westport River. When he was released, he didn’t return to the water alone.

About a month ago, Westport Animal Control received a call about a swan that was stranded on the Westport River. It had frozen over, and the swan became a sitting duck. The officers and firefighters arrived on scene, and a firefighter went out onto the ice to retrieve the swan and get him to safety.

“Whenever an animal is stressed or in danger, we bring them to Cape Wildlife,” said assistant animal control officer Nick Vidmar. “Cape Wildlife is a rehabilitation center that helps animals get back to wildlife with limited human contact.”

The swan was shipped off and certainly stressed, but this story proves that everything happens for a reason.

The swan fell in love.

“While he was there, the swan bonded to a female swan. Swans mate for life, so these two will be together forever,” Vidmar explained. “When it came time to bring the male back to the river, it looked like he was going back with a partner.”

Vidmar says how they showed no hesitation as they flew out of the crates and onto the water.

“It feels very good to see a happy ending like that,” Vidmar said. “It’s one of the reasons I chose this job. Stuff like this makes me want to keep doing what I’m doing.”

It’s heartwarming to hear about people being passionate about their line of work and it’s even more heartwarming to watch a love story unfold.

Animals belong in the wild, and now these swans no longer have to go through life alone thanks to the efforts of Westport Animal Control.

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